"All the people of these Islands make it more adored than paradise in bloom" - My Hawaii (Felix Cavaliere/Eddie Brigati)

Beginning with their first visit to Hawaii in 1966, The Rascals enjoyed a mutual love and respect for the people and places of the islands that lingers today. Their performances at the H.I.C Arena in Honolulu (1966-1969) broke attendance records. They would often bring their families and make the trip a vacation spot as well. The "beauty and magic of all the islands" inspired songs such as "Island Of Love", "A Beautiful Morning" and of course "My Hawaii" which became somewhat of an anthem for the fiftieth state. Friends like Tom Moffatt and the late DJ Bob "the beard" Lowrie would trumpet their visits on K-poi radio. The airport would be overflowing with fans and well wishers upon their arrival. Hawaii was paradise to The Rascals. Here is a small tribute to the wonderful times spent there by the boys and their families.


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Joe Russo
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